Loco Hauled 80’s

Welcome to my new website.
The aim of this site is to identify what loco’s worked on all of the booked service trains and relief services in the 1980’s.
This will be quite a task, but one I’m willing to give a go!

I have already gathered thousands and thousands of workings and will add them as time goes on.
Click on a timetable Period which will take you to a location which you can pick from a good selection.
The loco workings section is a comprehensive list of what worked. I have tried to be very informative of what happened when things went wrong.
There is a section in there called ‘Train Notes’ which gives more detailed info and also asks you what happened on some occasions.

The HST Section give workings for all booked HST trains and what power cars were on them where known.

Please feel free to email me with any information you have?
If you have info typed, then please send me it if you don’t mind.
You can also email me scans of what you have or you can send me a photo of the info.

This going to take a few years to get done, so please be patient. All gen welcome!